Home Products Product Accessories Get In Contact! THIS BOX WILL BE AN IMAGE OR IMAGES FADING IN AND OUT AdhesionXtreme® Waterproofing Tapes include a range of superior quality leak-proof tapes that offer an immediate, permanent & guaranteed seal for all surfaces. The product range includes RoofBond®  that features a UV stable backing in grey, white & black, MultiTask®  that features a non-woven backing designed to accept all roof coatings, 2Sided® for sealing between two surfaces of similar or dissimilar materials and, InsulAtor® that is a vapour barrier for sealing the seams of insulation panels. Copyright © 2014 AdhesionXtreme® Want to Join Us? Get access to Special Offers. AdhesionXtreme tapes are quick and easy to install.  Remove the protective liner, install the tape onto the clean substrate and apply pressure with a roller Product Accesories AX 900- Bio-based, non toxic for the enviornment, degreasing solution. AX-400- Aerosol- Aerosol spray primer for priming wet, porous, or fragile surfaces SSr-50- Silicone seam roller to activate the fusion and removal of air bubbles AX-300- Multipurpose high performance sealants for use on all wet surfaces. Caravan Uses Residential Uses Commercial Uses Commercial Uses Warranty Contact Us